Wedding White

Layers of our vanilla white cake with our creamy Madagascar vanilla buttercream.

Bottle Service

Our champagne cake gets paired up with layers of bubbly champagne buttercream.

Summer Strawberry

Vanilla cake layered with whipped vanilla bavarian cream and sweet ripe strawberries.

Sunshine Cake

Our vanilla cake gets paired with layers of lemon buttercream and fresh lemon curd.

Vacation Cake

A mandarin orange cake layered with our luscious pineapple mousse.

Old School Chocolate

Moist chocolate cake layered with our madagascar vanilla buttercream.

Cocoa Coma

Our decadent chocolate cake layered with creamy dark chocolate buttercream filling and chocolate chips.

Black and White

Alternating layers of our chocolate and vanilla cakes and then generously paired with layers of whipped chocolate and vanilla bavarian creams.

Java Cake

Moist dark chocolate cake, layered with heavenly chocolate espresso buttercream.

PB & C

Our moist chocolate cake paired with layers of rich peanut butter buttercream.

Karat Cake

Our brown butter carrot cake is layered with cream cheese frosting and toasted pecans (optional).

Red Velvet

Our southern inspired red velvet cake gets paired up with our creamy cream cheese frosting.